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Moneymax was established by Liz Koh in December 1999 in Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast. Liz has built a reputation throughout New Zealand for providing thoughtful, practical financial advice for people of all ages and circumstances and with an increasing emphasis on retirement planning.

Offices are now located in both Wellington and Paraparaumu. We also offer services via Zoom to clients outside the Wellington region.
Moneymax advisers follow the six-step process for financial advice as required of Certified Financial Planners. This process commences with a fact-find meeting with clients which is free of charge. At the end of the meeting clients will have a good understanding of how Moneymax can help them and will be given information on the cost of any further advice.
There are three key ebook resources developed by Liz Koh for the advice process, in addition to those available on the Moneymax and Moneymax Coach websites. There are:

Buckets of Money for Retirement
The Easiest System Ever for Managing Your Money
Creating Wealth Through Property Investment
These ebooks provide additional information for clients and take them through a guided process to establish their goals and set priorities for money management and investment so they can really enjoy life.
Buckets of Money for Retirement takes clients through a process to plan their retirement, focussing on who is going to spend their money and when it is going to be spent. Investment strategies are then developed to match the investment time frame. This approach is proving to be extremely popular with retirees due to its simplicity and effectiveness.
The Easiest System for Managing Money shows clients how to manage their income and expenses in a proactive way and how to set up their bank accounts so that money management becomes virtually automatic.
Creating Wealth Through Property Investment outlines the essential information novice property investors need to know before making their first purchase.
Moneymax prides itself on being a community-focussed company that has been actively sponsoring local events and organisations for many years.


Liz Koh Interviewed

Expert Interview with Liz Koh About Maintaining Financial Stability for Mint >>click here<<<

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